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Weight Fate Set Before the Age of Five?

Posted: Feb 27 in Dr. Cywes' Blog, Weight Loss Tips by

Fox 29 WFLX News Station – Interview with Dr. Cywes – February 27, 2014 A recent study out in the New England Journal of Medicine suggests a child’s “weight fate” may be set before the age of five.  Click the link below to hear what Dr. Cywes has to say in a news interview today […]

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Workout & Get Smart with your Lap Band

Posted: Jul 03 in Weight Loss Tips by

Though reading a book or clacking away on your keyboard all day at the office will be mentally exhausting, activities like these are sedentary—they won’t help you burn calories in the way a jog around the block would. After getting your Lap Band, you’ll need to engage in physical activities that are going to enhance your weight loss efforts, which means spending some time on your feet. [Read more]

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Striving to be Stress-Free after Weight Loss Surgery

Posted: Jun 26 in Weight Loss Tips by

Your boss has been riding you extra hard at work, but things don’t look much better when you get home. The dishes have been piling up for days, your kids need help with their homework and somewhere you need to find time to exercise and cook the healthy meals you need after Lap Band surgery. Though you’re doing your best to be positive, all this stress makes it tough to keep your cool. [Read more]

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Getting Comfortable with your Workout

Posted: Jun 19 in Weight Loss Tips by

Going to the gym can be daunting—especially if you aren’t used to the atmosphere. Gyms are oversized warehouses filled with exercise equipment. They are usually loaded with things like treadmills, hand weights and workout machines, and if you aren’t used to these things the entire experience can be pretty overwhelming. [Read more]

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Get a Group Workout after Lap Band Surgery

Posted: Jun 12 in Weight Loss Tips by

In the first scenario, you arrive at the gym alone, ready to diligently complete your scheduled 30-minute workout. You pop in your headphones and hop on the treadmill, sweating through your session in solitude. After 20 minutes, it’s time to lift free weights for 10 minutes, and then you’re headed home. You’ve made it through the bare minimum, but you didn’t push yourself or have much fun in the process. [Read more]

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Running in Circles with your Lap Band

Posted: Jun 05 in Weight Loss Tips by

Running is hard on the joints. It makes your knees hurt; it makes your ankles hurt—it can even make your hips hurt. Here in Jacksonville, running outside comes with its own batch of complications. The hot sun makes it hard to run for very long outside during the day, and the mosquitoes will plague the night to keep you inside after dusk. [Read more]

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Making Time for Weight Loss Workouts

Posted: May 31 in Weight Loss Tips by

When we fail to stick with our workout plans, time is often the culprit. We each have only so many minutes in the day and juggling your normal responsibilities with the new demands of your Lap Band can be a challenge. Work, kids, chores—these things won’t go away after Lap Band surgery in Jacksonville, but neither will your need for regular exercise. [Read more]

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Making Space for Weight Loss

Posted: May 28 in Weight Loss Tips by

There is an old saying that your home is an extension of you. If this is true, then your home is likely in need of some changes once you introduce your Lap Band. Living in Jacksonville and North Florida doesn’t come without its stressors, but your home can be your own sanctuary away from the hustle and bustle of the world around you. To make this happen, however, you need to eliminate the clutter. [Read more]

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Get Started With Yoga for Weight Loss

Posted: May 22 in Weight Loss Tips by

A lot of people share a vision of yoga that includes petite, hyper-flexible women in tight pants doing stretches that leave them looking more like pretzels than people. To others, the thought of yoga conjures up images of hippies doing meditational poses in the mountains. There is much more to yoga than these stereotyped perceptions. Yoga is for absolutely anyone and everyone, regardless of size, gender, creed and physical fitness. [Read more]

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After Lap Band Surgery, Eat with Awareness

Posted: May 16 in Weight Loss Tips by

When it comes to weight loss, the way you eat can be just as important as what you eat. Though you’ll need to focus on eating nutritious foods in smaller portions after Lap Band surgery in Jacksonville, it will also help to begin appreciating the healthy foods you eat and the benefits they have for your body. Mindful eating can help you adopt this positive approach to your diet. [Read more]

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