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Striving to be Stress-Free after Weight Loss Surgery

Your boss has been riding you extra hard at work, but things don’t look much better when you get home. The dishes have been piling up for days, your kids need help with their homework and somewhere you need to find time to exercise and cook the healthy meals you need after Lap Band surgery.[...]
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3 Easy Ways to Restart Your Day

Have you ever had one of those days where you wish you hadn’t gotten out of bed? For some people, these days are too frequent and end up having a vast effect on them. Here are three easy ways to restart even the worst day!
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Quick Tips for Stress-Free Weight Loss

You’ll face many challenges after a weight loss surgery like Lap Band in North Florida, but one of the biggest may be simply finding time to relax. Though a technique like progressive muscle relaxation can do a great job of reducing your anxieties, it takes some time to do correctly, and you may not have[...]
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Muscle Relaxation: Reduce the Stress of Weight Loss Surgery

When stressful days add up, they can cause big problems for your progress with weight loss surgery in Jacksonville or Valdosta. Too much stress can pack on extra calories with bad habits like emotional eating and disrupt your motivation to stick with healthy habits. Because of this, it helps to learn ways to manage your[...]
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