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September 8, 2015-Television News Interview with Dr. Cywes

Childhood obesity: Follow the link below to watch the WPEC CBS 12 News interview with Dr. Cywes of JSAPA.  Dr. Cywes discusses childhood obesity being the result of a substance abuse problem. Diets and exercise programs just do not work. We have to change the emotional management systems and our parenting style to reduce the[...]
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Love Sugar? Read On…

  In August 2013, National Geographic published a very good article about sugar addiction entitled, “Sugar Love”. We recommend that you read it. Dr. Cywes and our Bariatric Program Coordinator, responded with letters to Chris Johns, National Geographic’s Editor in Chief. Here’s what they had to say: From Dr. Cywes… Dear Mr. Johns: RE: SUGAR[...]
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Dr. Cywes Talks About The LAP-BAND Procedure

What happens during the LAP-BAND procedure and how long will I need to stay in the hospital following the procedure? Many patients have the surgery as an outpatient procedure, but some insurance companies require the patient to have the surgery in the hospital and stay overnight.
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Financing Options for your LAP-BAND Procedure

How will I finance the LAP-BAND procedure? The Lap-Band procedure has been embraced by insurance companies as they have seen the positive effect it has on their patients. Financing should not be a stumbling block when the Lap-Band procedure is being considered from a medical and weight loss perspective.
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