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Gastric Band Adjustment

Gastric bands play an important and flexible roll in weight loss. Gastric bands are tube-like bands that are clamped around a small portion of the top of your stomach creating a very small pouch.
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Burning Calories Playing with the Kids

How often have you looked at children playing and wondered at the amount of energy they have in their tiny little frames? For many adults, just two hours spent around children exhausts them so completely, they have little patience left--and yet the kids still play on.
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What is Bariatric Surgery Center of Excellence

When undergoing a surgery as serious as bariatric surgery, patients want to know they are going to be operated on by the best surgeons. They want to put their lives and futures in the hands of competent and trustworthy surgeons and staff, and they need to know that their safety is the center's top priority.
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