Getting Started with Weight Loss Surgery

Surgical weight loss is a major decision in your life. Our surgeon, Dr. Robert Cywes, and his staff at the Palm Beach Metabolic Center want your experience to be as straight forward as possible, so we are always available to help you during the process.

Here are the steps that must be completed before weight loss surgery:

  1. Check your eligibility for weight loss surgery
  2. JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery
  3. Verify insurance coverage or arrange alternative financing
  4. Complete a registration package

Dr. Cywes will help you understand the many tools you have in your own weight loss/get healthy toolkit. Bariatric surgery is just one of these components. Here at JSAPA, we offer the gastric sleeve, gastric band, and non-surgical weight loss balloons. We can help you understand each option so we can work together to find your best path to individual success. Dr. Cywes will guide you in making highly informed decisions about the right weight loss journey, with the best chance of the long-term success you’ve been seeking.

Dr. Robert Cywes, JSAPA Bariatric SurgeonWHY BARIATRIC SURGERY?


Yes I said that and I AM AN OBESITY SURGEON.

So why am I a strong advocate for surgery? Nobody quits smoking the first time they try. Typically it takes a smoker 3-5 attempts (or more) before they finally and permanently quit. Each time they go back to smoking they have to start from the beginning again. The same is true for obesity/Diabetes Mellitus. Every fat or diabetic person has to address CAUSE to ultimately be successful. However, we all relapse many times and when we do, we gain all or much of the weight and co-morbid disease back. Surgery is a very powerful tool to help people to lose weight more rapidly, getting into remission more effectively, but when we do relapse (and everyone does several times) the consequence is not as severe as going back to the original weight or disease state. So instead of yo-yoing, surgery allows for a stairstep pattern of losing weight when engaged and plateauing when disengaged. The role of the surgical practice is to help you back on track when you do relapse.

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