Our Bariatric Support Team

Our mission is to provide each of our patients with ongoing, individualized care and support as you go through all phases of this exciting and life changing process; helping empower you not only to maximize your weight loss, but also your health, vitality, and sense of well-being.  From your initial visit to your long-range adjustment to a new lifestyle, we are here to guide you in your commitment to lasting lifelong change.

Our experienced team of professionals works very closely with Dr. Cywes using a cognitive behavioral therapy approach that addresses carbohydrate addiction as the cause of obesity and obesity-related co-morbidities.  We use a substance abuse methodology, rather than a diet and exercise approach, along with bariatric surgery when appropriate, to accomplish effective long term treatment of obesity for both adolescent and adult patients.


Bariatric Program Coordinator – provides coordination of patient care from entry into the program, insurance verification, surgery date, and ongoing after care – a constant presence and resource for you throughout your experience

Dietician – educates each patient in the principles of the low carbohydrate/healthy fat way of eating – an expert in nutrition and an ongoing support for you as you learn “what and how” to eat for optimal health and weight management

Weight Loss Counselor – uses cognitive behavioral therapy to guide each patient in how to incorporate new lifestyle changes for weight management, better health and quality of life – a passionate patient advocate for lifestyle change

Psychologist – assesses and advises you in your readiness for the lifestyle changes that you will be undertaking

Office Coordinator – ensures the professional and efficient management of all aspects of our office – provides outstanding service to our patients at every step in the process; from scheduling your initial informational seminar, to surgery scheduling, to after care

Medical Assistant – performs a variety of duties related to the intake, examination and medical treatment of our patients – provides compassionate clinical care to all our patients

You – the most important team member of all – our mission will be a success ONLY if you bring your commitment and determined effort toward lifestyle change