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Getting Comfortable with your Workout

Getting Comfortable with your WorkoutWORKOUT AFTER WEIGHT LOSS SURGERY:

Going to the gym can be daunting—especially if you aren’t used to the atmosphere. Gyms are oversized warehouses filled with exercise equipment. They are usually loaded with things like treadmills, hand weights and workout machines, and if you aren’t used to these things the entire experience can be pretty overwhelming.

For a lot of people, trips to the gym are predicated by hours of dread. It can be tough to develop a good attitude about the gym, especially if your history with personal fitness is one of frustration and disappointment. If you don’t know what you are doing the gym can be both confusing and dangerous.

After getting your JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery, the gym is likely going to make its way onto your schedule. Dragging your feet to your workout isn’t going to help with your weight loss goals, but that doesn’t mean you should jump into a workout willy-nilly. Before even tying your sneakers, it helps to take a seat and plan out what you hope to accomplish at the gym.

Your Gym Plan

Having direction when you walk in the door can ease a lot of the stress involved with going to the gym. This is where your workout plan will come into place.

The Cardio Workout

Decide ahead of time what type of cardio equipment you want to use today. Choices often include the elliptical machines, the treadmill or the stationary bike, but might also include things like Stairmasters or rowing machines. When you get to the gym head straight for your desired cardio machine, set the timer to your predetermined amount of time and get going. A good cardio workout is 15 minutes or longer, but you can break this up with a few different machines if desired.

Working out on the cardio equipment will give you a chance to scout out the rest of the gym. Confused as to how a certain machine works? Have a look in that direction while walking in place and watch a few other gym-goers give it a try. People watching at the gym is a great way to learn the ropes.

The Workout Class

Aerobic classes can be your best friend when you are still adjusting to the gym. These classes are set at scheduled times and usually last about an hour, giving you a strict time to get to the gym and keeping you busy the whole time you are there.

Popular aerobic classes include:

  • Zumba: A form of aerobic dance that combines Latin and hip-hop moves.
  • Spinning: A guided stationary bike course set to music.
  • Kickboxing: A form of self-defense adjusted to maximize cardiovascular activity.

Once you get into a workout class you can stop thinking and start doing. You can find a comfortable spot in the back or middle of the room and follow the movements of everyone around you. These classes are usually great for people of all endurance levels and are set up for beginners and athletes alike.

Don’t let the gym scare you. Everyone at the gym is there to accomplish the same goal as you. When you head to the gym you’ll find yourself among like-minded people who are trying to improve their health and build their strength. Bring your headphones and a water bottle and do your best to feel comfortable there. If your find you are not a fan of the gym you chose, try another fitness center in the area. Gyms like Planet Fitness and the YMCA are especially family-friendly and suited for people of all fitness levels.

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