Weight Loss Surgery May Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

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Weight Loss Surgery May Reduce Risk of Heart Disease

According to a recent study, individuals who have undergone weight loss surgery have shown a decreased risk of heart disease as well as other cardiovascular events, including heart attacks and strokes. If you are searching for a weight loss surgeon in Jacksonville, these findings will be a primary factor to consider as you make a decision concerning weight loss surgery.

For some people, the act of losing weight is extremely difficult, whether due to physical or emotional reasons. Excess weight increases the risk of a number of obesity-related illnesses. Among these is cardiovascular disease, which is the number one cause of the death in the United States. Weight loss surgery provides a viable alternative to diets, which often result in higher weight gain once the diet is discontinued.

In the study, those who had undergone weight loss surgery experienced many positive lasting changes, such as a better quality of life, lowered body fat percentage, increased metabolism, and reduced mortality rates due to decreased risks for cardiovascular disease. Though some of these outcomes can be attributed to factors that are independent of weight loss surgery, for many people weight loss surgery serves as a catalyst for integrating healthier habits into their lifestyle permanently.

The decision to undergo weight loss surgery is one that requires careful thought and consideration. Many people who seek out a weight loss surgeon in Jacksonville have tried other means, such as diet and exercise, and have not been met with success. Weight loss surgery is often the jump-start needed to make healthy lifestyle changes that are both lasting and sustainable.

Weight loss surgery involves far more than a one-time weight reduction. It is a commitment to healthy living through a wholesome diet and active life.

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