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Carla: LAP-BAND Success

Carla: LAP-BAND Success

“If I can do it, so can YOU!”

I was 23 years old and my weight had reached a whopping 333 pounds. I had turned into a miserable person. I was very negative, depressed and most of all I hated myself. I was tired of feeling uncomfortable in my own skin, so I decided to make some changes. In December of 2007, I started to take phentermine (doctor prescribed weight loss medication) and within 6 months, I had lost 70 pounds. I was happy about the weight loss, but I was still very unhappy with myself. I couldn’t understand why. I thought the root of my unhappiness was my weight, so why was I still so unhappy? I did some soul searching and finally realized that no matter how much weight I lost, if I didn’t love myself then I could never be happy.

In the next 3 years I made some dramatic changes within myself. I had managed to change my negative outlook on life and turn it into a positive one. Well, the only problem now was that I was too comfortable with my weight; I was fine with being 263 pounds. I learned to be comfortable in my own skin no matter what size. In 2010 I had gained 20 pounds, and was tired of the back and forth with my weight, and I was afraid of going back to 333 pounds. I now wanted to get out of my comfort zone; I was ready for change.

I did some research about the LAP-BAND® online and came across Dr. Cywes’ website. I went to one of the seminars and was open to everything that Dr. Cywes had to say. The one thing that stuck out the most was when he explained carb addiction. At first I was in denial. I said to myself “What a bunch of baloney!” I just wanted the surgery as an easy fix. I figured this was my only way out. It wasn’t until the next few days that I realized that what Dr. Cywes explained about carb addiction is true. I couldn’t go a day without it! When I was mad, happy, or sad, the first thing I did was pick-up some kind of carb and put it in my mouth. So I made my decision and started my lifestyle change on January 10th 2011 and I instantly saw results! The weight literally melted off. I had my surgery on July 11, 2011.

I now weigh 187 pounds and I wear a size 10/11; this is the smallest I have ever been! If it wasn’t for Dr. Cywes and his staff, this process would have been a harder one. I’m so blessed to have such a wonderful support system, from my friends and family to the staff at Jacksonville Weight Loss Center. For the first time ever, I am motivated about life. I am doing things that I thought I could never do, and when I do them, I want to make sure I excel. I’m glad I decided to make a lifestyle change and get the LAP-BAND®, it was a life changing experience for me.



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