C-Arm with Fluoroscopy

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C-Arm with Fluoroscopy

Jacksonville Weight Loss Center in Jacksonville, Florida is a unique practice dedicated to effectively and efficiently serving its patients. It is the only practice in the area with an office C-Arm fluoroscopy machine for use in performing LAP-BAND® adjustments.

This machine is an imaging scanner intensifier. The C-arm contains radiographic capabilities; however, it is used primarily for fluoroscopic imaging. The C-arm allows Dr. Robert Cywes and Dr. Eric Pinnar to see how loose or tight the LAP-BAND® is; if there are any problems with the LAP-BAND® and if there are any obstructions. The surgeons are also able to diagnose problems related to sleeve gastrectomy or gastric bypass patients.

The C-arm with fluoroscopy is an effective tool for ensuring our patients receive a proper LAP-BAND® adjustment. It allows the surgeon to be precise in the amount of saline to ensure the band is neither too tight nor too loose. When Dr. Cywes and Dr. Pinnar use the C-arm with fluoroscopy, the patient is required to drink barium. When the patient drinks the barium, the machine will take a X-Ray image of the fluid moving down the esophagus and into the stomach thus allowing the physicians to see how slow or fast the barium goes through and then make the necessary adjustments to the band volume.


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