‘Thrifty’ Gene May Make You Fat

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‘Thrifty’ Gene May Make You Fat

You may not be in as much control of your weight as previously thought. Scientists studying a gene labeled CRTC3, more commonly known as ‘thrifty gene’, are finding that this gene helped our ancestors survive through famines, by allowing the body to store excess fat.

Research at the Salk Institute for Biological Studies analyzed mice bred with and without this gene. They found that the mice bred without the ‘Thrifty Gene’ were able to remain slim and healthy despite a diet packed with calories and fat. The mice bred with the gene tended to pack on the weight and also were at risk for diabetes.

When diet and exercise are not working some turn to JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery like gastric bypass surgery or Lap Band surgery. While the causes of obesity are not strictly limited to overeating, these surgical options may be the only choice for some people to get healthy.

Scientists conducting the study tried to duplicate their results in human subjects, but found varying results. While a mutated form of the gene in Mexican Americans caused obesity, the results in Caucasian, non-Hispanic participants were anomalous. What they found is that in some people this gene aids in storing calories (energy) for an extended period of time, actually slowing down the body’s ability to burn off fat. While this trait might have been a blessing to our forbearers who had to scavenge for food, in today’s society with a fast food restaurant on every corner, it can be a burden.

More study of this gene might yield results as far as pharmaceutical options for weight loss in the future, but because of varied results more testing is needed. For the time being, we still need to look at ourselves as individuals to find the right diet plan, the right exercise plan and the best method for weight loss for our personal needs.


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