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Achieve Your Weight-Loss Goals

Bariatric surgery is increasingly popular in Jacksonville, Florida. It is one of the most effective methods for helping obese people meet their weight loss and health goals. The path to weight loss through bariatric surgery can be a long one and it is helpful to develop a habit of goal setting and achievement early on in the JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery process to help you focus on and overcome each challenge as you face it.

A key component of a successful weight loss plan is setting realistic goals, making your dreams for a slimmer, healthier body much more likely. Dreaming about or just desiring weight loss does not necessarily put the outcome under your control, whereas crafting a long-term goal, broken down into a series of short-term strategic goals, puts you firmly in control.

The first step is setting a realistic long-term goal such as losing 10 pounds by your birthday. Short-term goals, representing steps on the path to success, help keep you motivated for the duration. A short-term goal may be as simple as substituting water for a can of pop every day for a week. Relatively simple and easy to achieve, it supports your long-term goal while providing an opportunity to achieve success, giving you a boost in confidence. With the accomplishment of each short-term goal, pride, motivation, and a sense of achievement keep you moving on your path to final success.

Great goals should be specific, measurable, realistic, and have a time frame. This is the basis for the effective goals called S. M. (a) R. T. goals, used widely in education and business. Keeping track of your goals requires record keeping, so you can track your successes. It is best to keep goals relatively simple, working on a progression of about three short-term goals at a time. Once these are achieved, set three more goals.

Using short-term daily and weekly goals supporting your ultimate goal makes each step clear, helps keep motivation optimized, and assures that you are focused on success.


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