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Weight Loss Traps

Even the best weight loss intentions can get derailed when faced with distractions, temptations and traps. Even those of you who have had JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery in Jacksonville, Florida to lose weight will find that there will be lures to get you off track with your Weight Loss Surgery. Becoming more knowledgeable of these lures will be your first step in avoiding these weight loss traps.

One of the first traps of successful weight loss is not exercising. When trying to lose weight, most people tend to focus on dietary changes. Of course, changing lifelong food habits takes some adjusting, but there is a strong relationship between how soon you begin to exercise after surgery and your long term success. The sooner you begin, the more successful you will be.

Recent studies have suggested that exercising may have a positive impact on certain food cravings. For example, participants who took a brisk 15 minute walk showed a decrease in cravings for chocolate.

Not weighing yourself regularly is another weight loss trap. Studies indicate that people who weigh themselves regularly show more success with losing weight and maintaining weight. Not only should you obtain official weigh-ins from your Jacksonville weight loss surgeon, but you should weigh yourself regularly at home. Weighing yourself at least once per week is a good way to monitor your weight loss and weight maintenance.

The third trap in many weight loss plans is mindless eating. What this means is that you should pay attention to what you are eating and avoid distractions while eating, such as the television, computer or cell phone. People who ate while being distracted were less likely to feel full or remember what they ate a half an hour later, according to a recent study. Therefore, eat slowly, savor every bite and really taste the flavors in your food.


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