Make Exercise a Habit after Weight Loss Surgery

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Make Exercise a Habit after Weight Loss Surgery

Make Exercise a Habit after Weight Loss Surgery in St. AugustineDifferent exercise plans work for different people. Because we all have different schedules and responsibilities, we need to schedule workouts at the times that work best for us. Unfortunately, we don’t always stick to the workout plans that we make.

After JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery or Jacksonville, exercise will be an essential part of your day-to-day life. Your weight loss surgeon has likely explained to you that your changing body will need regular workouts to build strength and keep off the weight you’re losing. We all know that exercise is important, but it is often the first thing to fall by the wayside when more important plans (including an unmotivated evening spent lounging on the couch) come along.

To get the exercise you need after weight loss surgery, you’ll need to turn exercise into a no-brainer; something that feels more akin to a habit like brushing your teeth than a tedious chore. The best way to do this is to stick with your schedule tenaciously until it becomes second nature, but you may need a little help to accomplish this.

Many tools and strategies can help you make exercise a habit after weight loss surgery in Valdosta. Start sticking to your workout plans by:

  • Scheduling on your smartphone. It’s the 21st century—you probably already use technology to schedule important appointments and meetings, so why not do the same for your workouts? Try setting up your exercise schedule with a tool like Google Calendar or use a scheduling app on your phone. This way, your workout plans will be easily accessible any time you need to take a look at them. On most phones, you can set up reminders to nag yourself into hitting the gym.
  • Avoiding stagnation. For many people, the issue is not one of time, but rather motivation. Don’t be surprised when you feel unenthusiastic about doing the exact same exercise every single day. Mixing things up in your routine can be mentally invigorating, but it can also help you find new favorite activities and strengthen different parts of your body.
  • Staying pragmatic. Be honest: is a 6 a.m. workout ever going to be a realistic choice for you? Rather than forcing yourself into a schedule that you know it will be hard to adjust to, it’s best to find the most convenient time and devote it completely to your workouts. Figure out when you will be most motivated to exercise rather than trying to conform to unrealistic expectations.

Remember: exercise is important, so give your workout plans the same commitment you give any other essential part of your day. What else has helped you make exercise second nature after weight loss surgery in Valdosta or Jacksonville? Please share your strategies in the comments below!

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