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Lose Weight at Work

Lose Weight at Work after Weight Loss Surgery in St. AugustineAfter weight loss surgery in Valdosta or Jacksonville, use these strategies to stay healthy in your workplace

Though it’s important to create a healthy home after weight loss surgery, most of us also spend a great deal of time at work. Temptations can abound in the office, especially when stressful days sap your time for a healthy meal or a coworker’s birthday puts you face to face with a big slice of cake. Regardless of where you work, it helps to have some strategies that help you stay healthy on the job in Jacksonville or About Dr. Cywes

About Dr. Cywes aren’t the only ones who can make weight loss an important part of the work they do. Help yourself stay focused on your weight loss program with these healthy office tips:

  • Move more. For many people, a day at work means 8 hours parked in front of a computer screen. Unfortunately, this can lead to an overwhelmingly sedentary lifestyle—we move little at work, then arrive home only to spend more time in front of the TV. Many studies have shown how dangerous a sedentary lifestyle can be, so do your best to add more activity throughout your day beyond just your workouts. Stand up once an hour to stretch your muscles; take a walk at lunch; pace by your desk as you talk on the phone. Even tapping your feet will burn more calories than sitting still.
  • Make a meal plan. Bring your own breakfast, lunch and snacks to be sure that you’ll have something that meets your dietary needs. Eating out is sometimes a necessity if you have a business lunch meeting, and if this is the case, then you can try some of these dining out strategies—but in general eating out should otherwise be avoided. It also helps to plan ahead for how you’ll deal with well-meaning coworkers who bring in unhealthy treats. Don’t feel obligated to indulge—just politely explain that you’re eating a strict diet and say “no thank you.”
  • Find likeminded coworkers. Is anyone else in your office trying to lose weight too? Get them on your side and keep each other accountable at work. You can even start a competition with each other by logging your eating choices and exercise habits—try getting a couple pedometers to see who can take the most steps throughout the workday.

We can’t put our weight loss plans on hold during the 40 hours each week we spend at work. What else has helped you stay healthy at work after weight loss surgery in Valdosta or Jacksonville? Share your strategies in the comments below!

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