Getting Fit After Lap Band Surgery

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Getting Fit After Lap Band Surgery

Getting Fit After Lap Band SurgeryWhen you first start working out after Lap Band surgery, a walk around the block might feel intense. As you lose weight and your health gradually improves the intensity of a workout that was once challenging will diminish. To get that same rush of excitement you are going to need to either find new forms of exercise that will push your limits or boost the intensity of your existing workout.

The need to switch up your workout is nothing to fret about. While it might require a bit more mental energy and physical exertion on your part, this is a good stage to encounter in your weight loss program. When you got your Lap Band in North Florida, your goal was to improve your health. Improved endurance, greater strength and an overall enhanced fitness level are signs of your improved health. As you continue losing weight you will need to continue pushing yourself farther and farther to keep up with your weight loss goals.

Boosting the intensity of your workout is simple. Here are a few tips to help you take your fitness to the next level after Lap Band surgery:

  • Work in intervals. If you’ve been walking for 30 minutes every day and are finding that the same walk isn’t causing you to sweat the way it used to, then it might be time to increase the intensity with interval training. To do this, start with 10 minutes of normal walking, then push yourself with five minutes of running and repeat these intervals as you go. This will increase the intensity and distance of your workout. Over time, try to adjust your intervals to ten minutes of running and five minutes of walking.
  • Mix it up. Sometimes doing the same workout day in and day out grows boring, as well as leaving some of your body’s muscles unchallenged. The cure for this type of fitness plateau could come in the shape of a new workout routine, a fitness class or a bit of exploration at the gym. If you generally walk to work out, try adding a weight lifting routine or Zumba class into your workout schedule to change things up a bit.

These are just two ways that you can boost your exercise intensity as you are losing weight. But remember, before you add any intensity to your workout or change your weight loss plan you will need to talk with your weight loss surgeon.

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