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Lap Band Around the Clock

Lap Band Around the Clock“You may delay, but time will not.” –Benjamin Franklin

After getting a Lap Band in North Florida and making the commitment to lose weight you may find yourself battling the clock to fit in all there is to be done. This is a common experience for many people attempting to build a healthier lifestyle. Instead of getting caught in the “busyness trap,” you can maintain your mental health while improving your physical health by employing several healthy time management strategies.

Time management strategies are exactly as they sound: methods and tricks that you can implement to better control how you are spending your time. These tools are intended to help you power through a work day, plow through a to-do list and finish your day with a positive attitude and a clean slate to welcome tomorrow with.

Developing healthy time management skills can help you stay on track of your weight loss goals as you transition into a healthier lifestyle after JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery or Jacksonville.

Here are strategies you can use to develop better time management skills:

  • Delegate work: Sometimes small tasks that don’t need your attention can be assigned to others who are able to help, like co-workers or children. Ask your son or daughter to take out the trash and do the dishes while you wrap up a project for work, or have a co-worker complete a task as you take an important phone call.
  • Plan breaks: You are going to need to take a mental break at some point. Do yourself a favor and just plan the break from the get-go. Decide what time you are going to break for lunch and plan ahead that you will take a short breather after completing a certain task. You may find that knowing a break is coming up will help you stay on track better.
  • Reduce distractions: When a 20-minute task becomes a two-hour task there may be a problem. Turn off the TV, switch to instrumental music or let a friend or co-worker know that you are having trouble concentrating when they talk with you so much.
  • Learn to say no: Sometimes things come up that you just don’t need to involve yourself in, but you feel obligated to say yes for no other reason than you were put on the spot. It is okay to tell a friend you can’t get together one night, but that you can schedule something else soon. Balancing your obligations is crucial for managing your time efficiently.

What other time management strategies do you practice to keep on top of your workload? Share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below.

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