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Being Less Busy After Lap Band

Being Less Busy After Lap BandHow many times have you used the word “busy” today? In our constantly-moving culture, being busy is often misconstrued as an aspect of success. Busyness means you don’t have time for non-important tasks or mundane obligations. Busyness protects you from being finagled into going to concerts you don’t want to see or making plans with acquaintances you aren’t excited to spend time with. But if you aren’t careful your perceived busyness could start to interfere with your quality of life and weight loss goals, especially when you begin rationalizing why you are just too busy to get to the gym.

After getting JSAPA Weight Loss Surgeryor Jacksonville you agreed to make a number of lifestyle changes that would go hand in hand with the development of a healthier way of living. These healthy habits include working out regularly and creating healthy meals for you and your family to enjoy. During the first couple of months after getting a Lap Band, gastric bypass or sleeve gastrectomy, it may seem easy to stick with these goals, but as the weight comes off and you become more comfortable with your new lifestyle the excuses start to creep in.

If you aren’t careful, busyness can be a driving factor in weight regain. The funny thing is that most of the time, busyness is a perceived state that is actually quite separate from our growing list of obligations.

Busyness is a Mentality

Having a lot to do and being perpetually busy are two different things. Having a lot to do might include working full time, running a carpool, helping children with homework and then at the end of the day (or start of the day, if you are keeping yourself on track!) come the health and wellness goals you set when getting your Lap Band in North Florida.

Busyness is a mental state that can interfere with every aspect of what needs to be done in the situation outlined above. Busyness will keep you up late at night as you are “too busy” to get to sleep on time, thereby predisposing you to oversleep and get to work late. Once you are at work busyness will prevent you from concentrating as you become distracted by the time and wonder if traffic will prevent you from running your carpool efficiently. When you get home and your kids ask for help with their homework, busyness will take over with a look of exasperation as you spend precious minutes debating the time needed to help with the homework, prepare dinner and still head out for your evening walk.

Busyness is a fretting feeling that keeps you in a constant state of worry and anxiety. As you are losing weight, try letting go of busyness. Remind yourself that you have just as much time in this world as anyone else, and that you will use yours as you see fit. And if your long-list of things to do are interfering with your healthy mindset and preventing you from losing weight, try developing better time management skills.

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