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Getting Active after Lap Band

getting active after lap bandOne of the biggest changes you will make after JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery is engaging in daily physical activity. If you were not regularly active prior to weight loss surgery, beginning an exercise routine can be mentally and physically difficult. Coping with this lifestyle change is easier when you ease into exercise one step at a time.

During the initial few weeks after Lap Band surgery you will not be able to engage in strenuous activity. Once this initial period has passed and your weight loss surgeon has cleared you for exercise, you can begin easing into a routine fit for your personal needs.

Here are some tips for getting active after weight loss surgery:

  • Start at home. You don’t always have to hit the gym to exercise. You can ease into exercise by being more active around your house. Add more movement to your daily routine by washing the car, mowing the lawn and vacuuming the house. Just because weights and machines aren’t involved, that doesn’t mean you aren’t working out. Any activity that increases your heart rate will get your blood pumping and metabolism revved.
  • Keep yourself interested. Transitioning from little or no activity to daily exercise can be a big change. You have a better chance of sticking to your post-Lap Band lifestyle by doing something you actually like. Whether you enjoy walking around your neighborhood, hiking through the park or dancing with your friends, choose an exercise you know will keep you interested and motivated for weight loss.
  • Track success beyond the scale. You don’t always have to look to your weight on the scale for signs of fitness progress. If it previously took you five minutes to do a lap around your cul-de-sac but now only takes you three, then your fitness level is improving.
  • Take care of your body. As you slowly ease into exercise after Lap Band, drink plenty of water and stretch before and after activity. The more you sweat, the more fluids you need to replenish to stay hydrated. Gentle stretching warm muscled before and after working out helps improve flexibility and prevent injuries.

Transitioning into an active lifestyle is challenging but necessary after Lap Band surgery. You can alleviate some of the mental pressures of working out by following these simple rules. The best part about exercise after Lap Band is the more you do it, the easier it will be. Every day that you work out you are another step closer to your ultimate weight loss goal.

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