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Building an Army of Support

building an army of supportLap Band surgery prompts immediate lifestyle and dietary changes that force you to change the way you think about your health. Too much change all at once is hard to handle on your own. By building an army of support, you can create a network of friends, family members and others that will have your back during sensitive times.

Coping with mental and physical changes after JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery is easier with a solid support system that will be there for you during times of emotional highs and lows before and after Lap Band surgery.

Build Support One Leg at a Time

Building a solid network of support takes time. After weight loss surgery, the more outlets for support you have, the better your chances are for effectively handling mental and physical changes.

The best place to start building your army of support is with the person who made your weight loss dreams a reality– your weight loss surgeon.

  • Your Lap Band surgeon can help with any emotional or physical issues you encounter during this time of transition. Your weight loss surgeon knows what changes you are likely to encounter, and can help as you prepare for those changes. Think of Dr. Cywes as a personal guide along your weight loss journey—he will provide you with information about dietary changes, lifestyle education tips and counseling every step of the way to ensure your Lap Band surgery is a success.
  • Your family and friends can also help you in times of emotional distress. Sharing your thoughts and feelings with those closest to you can help put things in perspective. Communicate your needs for support to your friends and family. Only share feelings with those who support your efforts to lose weight, and always take the words of your critics with a grain of salt.
  • Take advantage of support groups. It helps to share your thoughts and feelings with those who have also had weight loss surgery. Members of your support groups are generally eager to help in any way they can by offering advice, diet and exercise tips, as well as lending an ear in times of need. To find a support group in Jacksonville, JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery.

Lap Band surgery is a life-changing experience, but you don’t have to go through the mental and physical changes alone. Start forming your army of support early on in your weight loss journey. Remember to choose your support members wisely—you don’t want critics offering you advice during times of sensitivity.

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