Dining Strategies after Weight Loss Surgery

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Dining Strategies after Weight Loss Surgery

Dining Strategies after Weight Loss SurgeryHow to go out to eat in Valdosta or Jacksonville without breaking your bariatric diet

Fatty, calorie-filled foods are a cause for concern after JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery and Jacksonville area, and this can make eating out at just about any restaurant intimidating. You need to stick with your bariatric diet for weight loss to be successful, but the oversized, unhealthy portions of today can make this seem impossible at any restaurant. Because social dining situations are often unavoidable, you may dread the idea of going out to eat, yet a social event or special occasion will likely force you to before long.

Don’t worry—with careful planning and a bit of determination, you can stay on track after weight loss surgery at even the most enticing of eateries. Though social pressures and the menu’s temptations can make you feel like you must indulge, remember this: you can always choose the healthiest option and don’t have to let anyone or anything else influence the decision you make.

Are you ready to enjoy a stress-free dining experience after weight loss surgery in the Valdosta and Jacksonville area? Start by:

  • Reading ahead. In the 21st century, we tend to turn to the Internet first for the answer to any question. The question of what to eat is no exception. You can find restaurant menu options and sometimes even calorie counts online, which can help you plan ahead to avoid temptation. Once you’ve determined where you’re going, check out the restaurant’s website, or head to a site like yelp.com to find a place that can meet your weight loss diet needs.
  • Asking questions. Don’t be afraid of your server. He or she is there to help you and will likely do everything possible to make your restaurant experience a positive one. Ask your server how things are prepared, including clarifications of ingredients and claims like “fat-free” or “lite”. Even if a food is listed as fried on the menu, you may be able to have it grilled instead by request. Your server may even know options not listed on the menu and can help you find something that meets your needs.
  • Cutting portions. The typical meal at a modern restaurant is far too large for anyone, let alone someone with restricted stomach capacity after weight loss surgery. You can reduce your portion size by splitting a meal with a friend, taking the remainder of your meal to go or ordering healthy sides, appetizers or salads in place of an entrée. Some restaurants even offer discounts for reduced portions when shown a Weight Loss Surgery Restaurant Card.

With a careful approach and the knowledge that you can stick to your diet after weight loss surgery even at your favorite restaurant, the idea of dining out can become much less scary. What are some of your favorite restaurants for healthy dining in Valdosta and Jacksonville? Share suggestions in the comments below!

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