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Taking Compliments after Weight Loss Surgery

Taking Compliments after Weight Loss SurgeryHave you ever given someone a compliment, only for them to stumble all over your words, negate the truth or value in your statement and end up turning red before letting the moment go? If so, you know how awkward the moment is for the person giving the compliment, as well as for the person being complimented. These weird reactions to compliments are sometimes enough to dissuade someone from sharing their kind thoughts with others—and if there is one thing this world needs, it’s more of people sharing their kind, caring sentiments with friends, strangers and everyone in between.

After getting JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery or Jacksonville you are going to get complimented. We can’t tell you when, we can’t tell you where—we can’t even tell you who it will be from. All we know is that it is bound to happen, and if you aren’t prepared for the moment when it comes, then you could find yourself in an awkward situation because you feel the need to express to them that the you think the words they just shared were false, had no merit and shouldn’t have been said—that is quite the predicament for both parties involved.

You don’t have to dread getting compliments. Even if you don’t feel that you are yet deserving of them, or feel that you have more weight to lose, you can take a compliment for what it is worth and even use the words to motivate yourself further.

Here are a few strategies to help you enjoy getting compliments after weight loss surgery:

  • Smile and say thanks: A compliment is what you make of it. In the moment, you don’t need to do anything but smile and say thank you. When someone goes out on a limb and says something nice, there is no reason to attack them with modesty. Say thank you, move on and you can think about the merits of the compliment on your own later.
  • Practice makes perfect: If you are having trouble accepting compliments, then it is time to practice. Complimenting yourself in the mirror is a great way to build self-confidence and create better body image. Beyond complimenting yourself, practice saying thank you in the mirror. Even if you are having trouble accepting a compliment, you can fake it by knowing when the moment strikes. All you need to do is say what you’ve said a thousand times at home.
  • No explanation needed: One of the big reasons so many people have trouble with compliments after getting weight loss surgery is the impending explanation. You don’t need to tell anyone about your weight loss surgery if you don’t want to. You can reply with a simple thank you, and if they press the issue further by asking how you’ve done it, tell them the truth: you’ve been working really hard and are still working towards your health and wellness goals.

The biggest thing you can do as you learn to accept compliments is come to terms with the fact that you are worth every kind word given. You might not feel you “look great,” or that you’ve come nearly as far as your friends assert, but you are likely your own biggest critic. A compliment isn’t a sign that you’ve reached your goal, but you can turn it into motivation to keep moving forward.

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