Obesity Linked to Increased Pain

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Obesity Linked to Increased Pain

There are a number of severe health complications that can develop as a result of obesity. While there are many reasons that people turn to their JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery to help them lose weight, one of the leading may be that losing weight can help reduce pain. This is because many people who are obese suffer from tremendous amounts of pain as a result of their excess weight.

For many people who are overweight, the link between chronic pain and obesity is nothing new. Recently, a team of researchers evaluated over 1,000,000 people and found that there does appear to be a direct link between the two conditions.

In the result of the study obese individuals reported incidents of pain that ranged from 68 to 254 percent higher than individuals who were not overweight. Even moderately overweight individuals experienced 20 percent more pain than those with a healthy body weight.

Experts propose a number of reasons for this linkage of obesity and pain. One such reason may be the excess internal body fat causing inflammation in the body. Another reason may be mental conditions, such as Clinical Depression, which is associated with pain and often plagues obese individuals.

Regardless of the reason, this important study gives further medical proof to the need to control obesity in your life. With the help of a bariatric surgeon in North Florida, you can take the right steps to lose weight. By taking steps towards a healthy body weight, you are not only improving your physical appearance, but your quality of life as well.

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