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Workouts, Weight Loss and Zzzzs

Workouts, Weight Loss and ZzzzsWhile it might not seem like being active and resting have a lot in common, exercise can impact your sleep habits after bariatric surgery in Jacksonville.

Getting a weight loss surgery like JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery is going to help you lose weight, but you are also going to need to make changes in your dietary habits along with getting some regular exercise. This is easier said than done for many people who haven’t made exercise a regular aspect of their life in the past. Exercise requires energy and drains you of energy. To get the exercise you need to keep weight off you are going to need to focus on more than the minutes you spend at the gym. How you approach your entire day—including what time you go to sleep at night—can greatly impact your fitness.

Unfortunately, many people have trouble falling asleep on cue. Sure, the clock says 10:30 and you need to wake up at 6am. You have had a long day and would love to fall asleep in your warm bed, but your eyes are telling you a different story. Suddenly the late night shows creep onto your television and before you know it you are nodding off well past midnight to jokes that aren’t that funny. The next day you are barely able to pull yourself out of bed to get to work on time, let alone fit in 30 minutes of exercise before starting your day.

What if you could break the cycle? Multiple studies have found that exercising daily can significantly improve your quality of sleep. What is more, getting enough sleep every night reduces the amount of fatigue you experience during the day, thus improving your ability to keep up with your exercise goals.

The best time of day for fitness is still up for debate. Some find that exercising first thing in the morning will boost energy levels throughout the day until it comes to a natural decline before bed. Others find that a moderate workout in the evening will help them drift off to sleep just a few hours later. The bottom line is that exercise can help you sleep better, and exercising regularly and getting quality sleep can both improve your health and weight loss efforts.

Find a time of day that works best for you and start fitting in more fitness. Push through your first couple of days as you adjust to your new habit. You may find that you sleep much better at night thanks to your extra effort.

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