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Walking after Weight Loss Surgery

Walking after Weight Loss SurgeryWalking after Weight Loss Surgery:

After weight loss surgery you are going to have to start exercising regularly, but you won’t be able to start lifting weights or running marathons right away. To allow your body the proper time to heal and push your weight loss along steadily and safely, you are going to need to gradually increase your fitness level. Walking is one of the best forms of fitness to start out with. Even before getting weight loss surgery in Florida you can take to the streets of the city and start burning calories one step at a time.

The exact amount of time you will need to rest following your bariatric procedure will depend on the type of weight loss surgery you underwent, as well as several other factors. After Weight Loss surgery, wait until your weight loss surgeon says you are ready for activity before trying any of the levels of walking outlined below.

Walk What Way?

There is a big difference between a stroll and a stride, but both are forms of walking. While some forms of walking are exceptionally slow and casual, others are rather fast and can prove to be quite intense. After weight loss surgery you will want to start out at a slower pace, but as your body heals and your surgeon says that you are able you should start increasing your speed.

Here is a general outline of the basic types of walking, and when each form is appropriate:

  • Standing: Yes, to a certain degree standing is a form of walking, especially since typically we move around while standing in place. This is known as intermittent walking and it is very mild. This won’t replace more intense forms of walking as you are trying to lose weight but is a great place to start.
  • Strolling: This form of walking generally happens at about two miles per hour. This is the level of walking one engages in while shopping for groceries or casually walking through a park.
  • Walking with purpose: Purposeful or functional walking is the type of walking you do when you have a destination and a time to arrive by. When you walk in this way you are often going to maintain a quick but steady pace that may fall between three and five miles per hour.
  • Aerobic walking: This is the type of walking done for exercise. When you set out to walk aerobically you should have good tennis shoes on and be well hydrated. You won’t be able to engage in this type of walking directly after weight loss surgery, so wait until you are told you are okay to exercise before trying. Aerobic walking generally constitutes a speed between four and six miles per hour.

Have you gone for a walk today? What are your favorite spots around your local area to go for a walk? Share your thoughts and experiences in a comment below.

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