Tips to Survive the Holidays

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Tips to Survive the Holidays

If you are looking to lose weight in Jacksonville, you may be dreading the holidays. This time of year is notorious for wrecking diets and taking its toll on the best intentions. By following these tips, you can navigate your way through the parties and get-togethers without adding on a bunch of extra pounds. You may even find yourself losing weight!

  • Set goals. What are you hoping to achieve this season? Do you want to lose weight? Will you be happy to just not gain any extra weight? Do you want to fit into a cute dress at that special party?
  • Plan ahead. Thinking about your goals will help you plan ahead. Decide now which events you hope to attend, and create a plan of attack for those events.
  • Keep activity in your plans. Many people find themselves lazing about during the holiday season. The weather is often uncooperative, and we are exhausted, but many holiday workout events are available. Sign up for a 5K benefiting a charity, or head to a local holiday lights event.
  • Eat mindfully. It’s so easy to load up our empty plate at a holiday event. Choose ahead of time what you want to eat and stick with that.
  • Avoid the buffet table, or limit yourself to one trip through.
  • Slow down and enjoy your food. Your host probably went through a lot of trouble to prepare those special treats. Really taste them!
  • Limit alcohol. Alcohol can be a major diet breaker. Not only do the drinks themselves have calories, they can lower your inhibitions and cause you to make poor food choices that you would normally avoid. Drink with caution, if at all.
  • Pass along treats. You may receive a number of goodies from friends and family as gifts. Re-gift them! Bring them to the next party with you or distribute them at the office.



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