Tips for Overcoming Childhood Obesity

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Tips for Overcoming Childhood Obesity

You may have heard that obesity rates among adults have doubled in the last 30 years, but did you also know that obesity rates have tripled in the same time period among children? The obesity epidemic, and the life threatening illnesses it brings with it, is affecting people as young as 2 years old. Resulting in weight loss surgery becoming a viable option. Find out how to overcome childhood obesity in your family.

4 Tips for Overcoming Childhood Obesity

  1. Focus on healthy snacks: Recent studies suggest that the average child eats as many as 3 snacks per day, in addition to their 3 regular meals. This can add up to a lot of extra calories and unwanted weight. Focus on healthy snacks of fresh fruits and vegetables to ensure that the food your kids are eating are improving, rather than harming, their health.
  2. Practice portion control: Our societal perception of portion sizes has been skewed by large packages and supersized portions served to us in restaurants. Practice using smaller dinner plates at home and serving portions about the size of your (or your child’s) fist. When you go out to eat, consider sharing meals, requesting a to-go container, or ordering smaller portions.
  3. Drink healthy: Replace sugary sodas and fruit cocktails in your kitchen with water, milk and real fruit juices. Focus especially on making sure everyone is drinking enough water during the day.
  4. Get moving as a family: Young children who have limited TV time are less likely to be obese. Replace your family TV time with a walk, bike ride, or playing catch in the yard. Find a local fitness center that caters to families, or play a sport together. Setting an example of living a healthy lifestyle is the best way to get your children moving.

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