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Rhonda: Lap-Band success

Rhonda before and after lapband

There is a certain vulnerability when talking about the struggles of being overweight. Not everyone has walked a day in your shoes, but most can understand and sympathize where you have come from.

Life before the surgery was a struggle. I was teased in school, I felt the uncomfortable stares and snickers when eating at a restaurant, and would even stare at my feet when I walked to avoid the looks from people that I walked by. To me, I always saw judgment on their faces.
It was not only my Mom who urged me to go to a seminar and seriously look into the Lap-Band surgery (she wanted me to get my life back); but also the day I was leaving work for the day and was so winded walking to my car that I knew I needed to do something to change how I lived. I was slowly killing myself and didn’t realize what I was doing.

I met Dr. Cywes at Memorial Hospital for his Lap-Band seminar in May 2007. I listened to every detail and knew that this was what I needed. I knew I couldn’t do it on my own and I had hope that he could help. Since that day, I never looked back. I had surgery February 28, 2008 and had no problems with the surgery or the recovery. The first year was a struggle for me. I lost my Mom three months before my surgery. It was difficult for me to deal with her death, and also get acclimated to life with the Band, and I rebelled against it. Once I got myself on track with my life and regained my focus on losing weight, I couldn’t believe how fast I lost the weight! The Band has completely changed my life! To date, I have lost 145 pounds! I still have more to lose, but I am almost to my goal weight and couldn’t be happier!

With the help of Dr. Cywes and his staff, I have realized that the old me hid behind food as a shield. Now, I find more productive ways to deal with life’s stresses. I am much more confident and happy. I have no problems with physical activities. I actually enjoy having my picture taken (whereas before I ran from a camera). I love to go shopping, there is no greater feeling than trying on clothes and you have to go the next size down! I would encourage anyone who has thought about having the surgery to go to a seminar. It will change your life and give you hope!


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