Tips for Exercising after Bariatric Surgery

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Tips for Exercising after Bariatric Surgery

Physical activity is an important part of life after JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery. For people who didn’t get a lot of exercise before surgery, becoming more active after bariatric surgery can be a challenge. These tips can help you overcome common obstacles to fitness.

4 Tips For Exercising After Bariatric Surgery

  1. Wake up earlier: If your concerned about finding the time to exercise after bariatric surgery, try waking up 30 minutes earlier each morning. Take a brisk walk to start your day or do calisthenics in your living room.
  2. Make use of your lunch break: If you struggle to get up early, considering using a midday break from work to get in shape. You can take a walk or check out exercise classes at a nearby gym. Many workplaces offer discounts on gym memberships. Ask your HR representative about any health initiatives your employer might offer.
  3. Find activities you enjoy: It’s easier to do things we like, so don’t be afraid to try out different exercises to find something you enjoy. Maybe you prefer dancing or water aerobics to 30 minutes on an elliptical machine.
  4. Look for small ways to move more: In addition to scheduling structured workouts into your life, look for small ways to be more active. Park in the back of the parking lot instead of circling to find a spot that requires less walking. Wash your dishes by hand instead of using your dishwasher. Ride your bike to work if possible or take the stairs instead of an elevator.

Commit to doing something each day after bariatric surgery that moves you towards the Weight Loss Surgery of becoming more physical active. You don’t have to run a marathon, but every bit of progress you make helps improve your health.

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