Obesity Epidemic Calls for Different Approach from Doctors

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Obesity Epidemic Calls for Different Approach from Doctors

As the obesity epidemic becomes more widespread, physicians may need to rethink how they treat patients who are overweight or obese.

Research continues to confirm that more and more Americans are battling obesity. Studies conducted in 2008 confirmed that at least 14% of people in every state in the country were obese, 20% of people in every state except Colorado were obese. Obese people face significant health risks that need to be addressed quickly in order to avoid premature death or chronic illness.

While obesity is on the rise, it’s also important for doctors to be on the lookout for overweight patients who can prevent obesity. Many experts recommend that doctors advocate a more active lifestyle for their overweight patients, emphasizing daily activity that can occur outside of structured exercise routines.

When patients have reached the point of obesity, doctors may need to recommend a weight loss specialist. The health concerns for obese patients are significant and encouragement to eat less and exercise more is rarely effective in the face of these risks. Medical weight loss centers specialize in helping obese people make dramatic changes. They can also help obese patients decide of bariatric surgery is a potential option. JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery has been proven to be a safe and effective treatment for obesity, especially when combined with an effective support system.

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