Terri: LAP-BAND Success

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Terri: LAP-BAND Success

Terri Lap Band Success

My name is Terri and I had my surgery done April 23, 2009. Before having the Lap Band, I weighed 284.50 pounds. I battled with my weight all my life, tried diet after diet and I really didn’t like myself. Now with almost four years in I have lost 148.50 pounds.

The road has had some tough places, but it’s all been worth it. Before the surgery I was taking six shots of insulin a day, but now I take one pill when I need it. I exercise everyday something I didn’t have the energy to do before.

Eating right is a way of life now. One I would not change. Thank you to About Dr. Cywes and the staff here for all the support. Life is good now.


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