Stay Strong with Support Groups after Bariatric Surgery

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Stay Strong with Support Groups after Bariatric Surgery

Stay Strong with Support Groups after Gastric BypassSUPPORT:

You may be aided in your weight loss journey by the help of many others. From your weight loss surgeon to your friends and family members, any supportive person can become an asset after getting a Weight Loss  Surgery, but many of these individuals will have a hard time understanding exactly what you’re going through.

This is what makes a bariatric surgery support group so valuable. By connecting you with others who have experienced the same trials and triumphs, support groups can offer advice that is much more attuned to the specific circumstances you face. Joining a bariatric surgery support group can help you find essential allies like:

Your Peers

A support group will be filled with other people just like you. Some will be new to the world of bariatric surgery and searching for advice; others will be veterans hoping to offer the wisdom of their experiences. Because they have deep personal knowledge from their own weight loss journeys, these individuals can offer hands-on advice that gets to the crux of the issues you face.

As you learn from and grow with the other members of your support group, you can become allies in more than just your meetings. Many people find that those they meet in support groups eventually become new workout partners and even close friends. By exchanging numbers, you can provide each other with around-the-clock support, knowing that your allies are just a phone call away if you need encouragement.

Weight Loss Professionals

Support groups are typically led by a dietitian or other professional with extensive training in helping people lose weight. This gives you the opportunity to pick up new strategies that supplement the advice given in check-ups with your bariatric surgeon. You can ask questions about your specific experiences, and the questions asked by other support group members may teach you how to deal with issues you haven’t yet faced. This expert advice can expand your understanding of weight loss, helping you stay informed in every step towards your goals.

Bariatric surgery is difficult for anyone to go through alone. Spending time in support groups can be a boon for your progress both before and after surgery at JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery to learn when to attend.

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