Social Support May Help Weight Loss

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Social Support May Help Weight Loss

Being overweight may seem like a strictly physical problem, but often psychological factors have a big impact on a patient’s ability to lose weight. A recent study by Ohio State University reported that a group of lab mice with an enriching and engaging social environment lost more weight than the group who lived a sedentary lifestyle. Although an increase in physical activity certainly contributed to the weight loss, the most significant difference was that the social group of mice only had energy-burning fat as opposed to energy-storing fat.

In addition to increased social interaction, stress was found to be a positive factor for increasing weight loss. We often think of stress as inhibiting an individual’s ability to lose weight, but in this case it has the opposite effect. For Jacksonville residents who have undergone JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery, a healthy amount of stress is actually a crucial component to maintaining weight loss. In addition to the physical benefits of healthy fat storage, your new social environment will also be a psychological benefit by helping you to find the motivation to lose weight through the support of your peers.

In a world where social media is the preferred form of interaction, Jacksonville patients who have undergone weight loss surgery must find time to engage in physical social interaction to lose weight consistently and store fat in a healthier manner. One positive way to maximize the effects of social support is to include friends in your exercise routine. Jog in the park with an old friend or meet new friends at a weekly yoga class. These kinds of social situations will not only help you lose weight and increase the results of your weight loss surgery, but also gain the social support you need to transition to healthier methods of fat storage.



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