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At Home Work Out Tips

A weight loss surgeon will tell any of his patients that consistent daily exercise is vital to recovery and sustained weight loss. Lap band surgery is just the first step to a healthy lifestyle. Following a consistent, daily exercise regimen is essential to keeping the weight off, but many of those who have had weight-loss surgery feel uncomfortable going to one of the many Gainesville gyms. That is okay. Many ways to lose weight do not require that you ever set foot in a gym.

  1. Put Yourself Through Boot Camp– There is no need to get up at dawn to attend a gym-sponsored boot camp. You can combine cardio and strength training exercises and perform them by yourself or with your family at home or a local park.
  2. Play Sports– Sports are a terrific way to stay fit, shed pounds and make new friends. Look around your community for adult sports teams. If it is too late to join, offer yourself as an alternate.
  3. Learn About Your City– Jacksonville is a historical area, and odds are that you have not explored most of it. Be a tourist. Try signing up for walking tours of Gainesville historical landmarks. You will learn while you shed pounds.
  4. Overcome Obstacles– Exercise is not just about losing weight. It is about overcoming obstacles and feeling good about yourself. Sign up for an obstacle course race.
  5. Explore the Great Outdoors– Hiking is a cheap and fulfilling way to exercise. It can be done alone or with family and friends. There are plenty of outdoor parks in the North Florida area that you can explore.
  6. Hit the Track– There are tracks available for use all around the area. Time yourself on your runs and measure your progress.
  7. Save Money While You Work Out– There are many online discount clubs that offer significant discounts on fitness activities. You should take advantage of them.
  8. Turn Household Chores Into Workouts– Who knew vacuuming could be a workout? It can be. Try throwing in some squats or lifts into your daily cleaning regimen and feel the burn.
  9. Give Back– Sign up for community works projects like Adopt-a-Highway or Habitat for Humanity. You can lose weight while doing charitable work.
  10. Practice Yoga– Yoga is a fantastic way to tone and sculpt your body as you lose weight, and it can be done right at home. There are many online tutorials and DVDs from which to choose.

You should look at your lap band surgery as just the first step on the path to a healthy life. There is no need to jump into the gym right away, but you should try to increase your activity level. You will feel better, and they weight will melt off.


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