Setting a New Year’s Resolution

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Setting a New Year’s Resolution

Every year as January approaches, it is a great time to step aside from our hectic schedules and set a few goals for the New Year. Many people start off the New Year strong, but by the time February has come around they have already forgotten what they were so excited about. Making the decision to lose weight is great, but instead of just setting your goals try to think about how you plan to achieve those goals. Band surgery in Jacksonville is a beneficial tool that can help you to lose weight, and you can take the steps to work towards that goal starting now!

Don’t let your goals for 2012 fall by the wayside. Follow these simple steps to make your New Year’s Resolution last all year round.

  • Write your goals down. It is very nice to think about things that you want to accomplish, but too often simple thoughts will leave our heads. By writing down your goal you can hold yourself accountable for attaining them, instead of forgetting them long before Valentine’s Day.
  • Split up your goal. Instead of making one huge goal, such as losing 150 pounds, think instead about the steps that are necessary to get you there. Try breaking your goal into twelve simple steps. If you are hoping to lose a lot of weight, then think about different habits that you can focus on, and dedicate one goal to every month of the year. This is a great way to renew your resolution every month as we refresh our calendar pages.
  • Find support and advertise your goals. It is easy to let our New Year’s goals become forgotten when we are the only one who knew about them. Talk with your friends about your goals, you may find that they share similar hopes and you can even work towards attaining them together!

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