Reducing Stress To Lose Weight

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Reducing Stress To Lose Weight

You probably know that eating fewer calories and exercising more will help you JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery. But did you also know that monitoring your stress levels – and learning to reduce them – can help you achieve your Weight Loss Surgery?

How Stress Affects Weight

Stress makes it more difficult to follow through with your diet and exercise plans. We’re more likely to reach for unhealthy, high-calorie foods when we’re stressed out. We may also be less likely to exercise if our stress is causing us fatigue. But stress also has a more direct effect on our weight. High levels of stress trigger an increase in stress hormones in our bodies. These hormones have been show to increase appetite and make the body store fat more effectively, especially belly fat.

How To Fight Stress

If you’re having trouble sticking with a diet and exercise plan, try taking steps to alleviate your stress first. You may try:

  • Taking a yoga class
  • Learning meditation exercises
  • Going for a short walk when you feel stressed

These are solutions you can implement immediately without any major life changes. If stress is a chronic problem for you, you might want to consider identifying the cause of your stress and finding ways to remove these stressors from your life. A mental health professional may also help you develop coping mechanisms for permanent stressors that can’t be avoided.

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