Autumn Weight Gain – How To Stop It Before It Starts

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Autumn Weight Gain – How To Stop It Before It Starts

For many people, weight follows a cycle that seems to march in time with the changing weather. As spring comes, we work harder JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery in time for summer. As summer ends and the temperatures drop, we find ourselves gaining weight through the fall and winter months. What causes this cold weather weight gain, and how can we prevent it?

Many people are more active during the summer months because they spend a lot of time outdoors. A lot of outdoor activities require us to move around, and definitely involve less sitting in front of a screen. As the weather gets colder and there are fewer daylight hours, you may find yourself less inclined to exercise or even engage in recreational physical activities.

You might also change your diet in the fall and winter months. If you’re sitting inside watching TV, you may be more likely to snack on some of your favorite comfort foods. Eating in front of the TV is especially dangerous because it’s easy to consume an excessive amount of calories without paying attention to what you’re putting in your mouth.

How can you break this cycle and maintain a healthy weight all year long? Be aware of your tendencies to avoid exercise during the colder months. Think about ways you can stay active as the temperatures drop. Perhaps you take a fitness class, try working out at home or take up a winter sport. Look into fruits and vegetables that will be available in your grocery stores during the colder months as well and experiment with working them into your diet.

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