Recipe Tips for a High Fiber Diet

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Recipe Tips for a High Fiber Diet

When trying to lose weight through medical JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery in Jacksonville, it is important to find nutritious foods that are good for your health and your waist line. Fiber is an example of this type of food. Foods that are high in fiber boast a variety of health benefits, including lowered bad cholesterol levels and increased regularity. Fiber is available in so many basic ingredients that we all know and love. The trick to getting more fiber into your diet is to incorporate more high fiber foods into your daily meals. Here are a few recipe tips and ideas to get more fiber into your diet!


In the morning, make yourself an egg omelet with two eggs. Add one-third of a medium avocado, which has four grams of fiber, and half of a tomato which has another half of a gram of fiber. Spinach and bell peppers also work great in a vegetable omelet, and are loaded with fiber. Two cups of raw spinach has seven grams of fiber, and one cup of raw bell peppers has another three grams of fiber.


For lunch, skip the meat and try having a lean portion of salmon instead. Add one half of cup steamed carrots to incorporate another three grams of fiber to your daily total. One half cup of lima beans will add over four grams of fiber, and half-a-cup of cooked broccoli on the side will give you another three grams!


For dinner, make yourself a large grilled chicken salad. Salads are a great way to add lots of fiber packed vegetables to your diet in one simple meal. Fill your salad bowel with two cups of spinach to add seven grams of fiber, and then add a quarter cup of kidney beans and one ounce of almonds for another eight-and-a-half grams of fiber combined.



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