Benefits of Hand Weights While Walking

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Benefits of Hand Weights While Walking

Walking is a great form of exercise. The low impact nature of walking makes it a great choice for almost anyone, whether you have almost reached your Weight Loss Surgery or have just undergone lap band surgery in Jacksonville. While walking is a great way to improve your lower body and burn calories, this exercise alone will not do much to improve your upper body strength and tone your arms. This can be fixed however. Carrying small hand weights while walking is a great way to add intensity to your workout without having to change your entire routine.

Carrying hand weights during your workout is based off of a simple piece of logic—the more weight that you are transporting, the more calories you will burn! The goal of exercising is to lose weight, but as you shed pounds you will need to work harder to keep losing weight. By carrying hand weights, you can increase the amount of weight on your body during your workout while you are losing weight.

When starting out with hand weights, make sure to start small. Using a one pound hand weight is a good way to get used to carrying the weights, and to give your forearms the opportunity to get used to their new task. As the one pound weights become easier to handle, slowly increase the amount of weight you are holding. Continue to add weight until you reach 10% of your own body mass. This will help you to strengthen and tone your arms without over working your upper body.


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