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Portable Body Fat Analyzer Accuracy

There are many ways to mark your progress as you become healthier. You can weigh yourself, measure your body’s dimensions, watch your activity levels increase, or measure your body fat. The last solution seems like it could be a helpful way to determine if your JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery is working as expected, converting your body into more muscle and less fat; however, experts warn about relying too heavily on portable body fat analyzers.

There are many types of body fat analyzers, also called impedance meters, that are available for you to buy, but depending on your level of hydration and the quality of the device, the accuracy of your results may vary significantly. If you’re interested in using your body fat percentage as a serious measurement of your health and fitness, there are other options that your physician can suggest, including:

  • Dual Energy X-ray Absorptiometry (DXA): This specific type of X-ray can provide detailed information about the ratio between your fat, muscle, and bones.
  • Air Displacement Plethysmography: This test works by having you enclosed inside an egg-shaped chamber that measures your weight and volume, determining body density.
  • Underwater Weighing (Hydrodensitometry): As the name suggests, this technique requires you to be submerged under water. Your underwater weight is then used to determine your body fat percentage.

Talk to your physician about the cost and availability of these tests in your area.


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