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Jacy: LAP-BAND Success

Jacy Adolescent Weight Loss Surgery
I have been an overweight child since I can remember. Everyday activities were difficult, gym class was a nightmare, and shopping for clothes was impossible. Then on June 27th, 2008 I had the lap band procedure. I have lost 95lbs and feel great! All my annoying aches and pains are gone. My ankles and shins used to hurt when I walked or ran. They haven’t hurt since the weight loss.

I truly noticed the difference when I went dress shopping with my friend. I was goofing off and I tried on a dress in the juniors and it fit!! Last year for homecoming I had to shop for hours just to find a dress in my size, now I can just walk up pick out a dress that’s in style and it fits.

Thank you Dr. Cywes, Jody and staff! You have all changed my life forever.

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