Getting Organized for Weight Loss (House Cleaning)

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Getting Organized for Weight Loss (House Cleaning)

One important tip for centering yourself involves getting your home in order before you attempt to lose weight. An organized home is extremely important to weight loss success for two reasons.


You are about to become a new person physically and your home should reflect your readiness in terms of being a clean, orderly and organized place to dwell. Your home is your sanctuary and represents comfort and security as you go through drastic physical changes. Make sure you and your home are prepared for the journey ahead by organizing your refrigerator, your food cabinets and pantry, your kitchen, bedroom and main living areas. By getting rid of any bad foods and clutter before you undergo lap band surgery, and preparing your kitchen for healthy eating and living, you prepare yourself for the major changes ahead.


For many people, a cluttered and disorganized home can make them feel disorganized and out of control. When you feel psychologically disorganized and out of control, you are not in the right mental state to begin losing weight and enjoying weight loss success. Instead, you may feel depressed or you may lack the confidence in yourself that this time, you will be successful in your weight loss attempt. Having a clean, organized home that you feel comfortable and in control of will take you far in creating the psychological state you need to lose weight.


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