How to Sabotage Your Diet

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How to Sabotage Your Diet

Committing to a lifestyle change like improving your daily diet can be tough. Hidden dangers to your efforts to lose weight lurk everywhere. However, being aware of the potential pitfalls can go a long way toward avoiding them. Among the top ways dieters fail:

  1. By thinking of their new eating habits as a diet. Instead, think of healthy eating as a lifelong positive lifestyle change.
  2. Giving up after one mistake. Ate a whole bag of cookies? Look at it as an isolated incident rather than an end to your weight loss efforts.
  3. Emotional eating. Eat when you are hungry, not because you are sad.
  4. Failing to incorporate exercise. Diet and exercise are both necessary components of a successful JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery plan. Even regular walks on Jacksonville’s many walking trails can help.
  5. Letting the scale determine your success or failure. Sometimes, you will hit a plateau. That does not mean that you are not improving your health by improving your diet.
  6. Letting guilt trip you up. Guilt over a mess-up can lead to emotional eating, which can sabotage your diet even more.
  7. Making favorite foods off-limits. It’s all about moderation. By enjoying smaller portions of much-loved foods, you can improve your health without feeling deprived.
  8. Eating too quickly. Eat slowly and savor your food. When you eat too quickly, it’s easy to over-eat before your stomach has time to send signals to your brain indicating that you are full.
  9. Failing to read labels. It is important to know how much fat, sugar and salt is in the items you eat.
  10. Overeating when you eat out. Make sure that you follow the same healthy habits in restaurants that you follow at home.


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