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Help Yourself Say No

Visiting your lap band surgeons in Jacksonville and having weight loss surgery can be the first step toward turning into the person you want to become. However, keep in mind that not only a change in your weight but also a change in your attitude may be necessary. Many overweight individuals develop coping methods, such as being very aggressive, being a doormat or making jokes about their weight. In the end, these can backfire and leave you with lower self-esteem. Instead, you need to practice being assertive, which means not letting anyone interfere with your rights but not interfering with anyone else’s rights either.

You need to learn to just say no to your old coping strategies. If someone makes inappropriate or rude comments about your weight or if a salesperson doesn’t help you, then speak up and say that you expect to be treated the same as any other person would, and that you don’t appreciate what is going on. Do not become aggressive and say disparaging things about the other person, but don’t let them walk all over you either. Other important steps to take toward becoming more assertive include using more hand gestures and looking people in the eye.

It is also important to start acting like a thinner person, as this can help you get in the right mental state. Sometimes people still have a picture of themselves in their head as an overweight person, even when they are no longer heavy. Make an effort to act like thin people do, which includes not letting your weight be the main topic of conversation. Steer the conversation away from this topic if it comes up, without being rude about it. Instead talk about your plans and what you have been doing lately.

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