Great News for Overweight Seniors

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Great News for Overweight Seniors

As the Baby Boomers age, many have begun to consider whether JSAPA Weight Loss Surgery is a viable option in elderly obese patients. Seniors in Gainesville and elsewhere who have considered the lap band procedure, but hesitate because they fear complications can rest easy. Recent research shows that elderly people who undergo weight loss surgery are no more likely than their younger peers to experience serious side effects.

Researchers examined the experiences of 50,000 bariatric patients between 2005 and 2009. Of those in the study, 1.92% in 2005, and 4.7% in 2009 were elderly. Overall, the percentage of weight loss surgery patients who were elderly was 4%. Elderly patients tended to spend longer in the hospital after bariatric surgery but did not experience side effects that were any worse than those experienced by younger patients. There was no correlation shown between advanced age and complications such as blood clots or heart attacks. They did, however, discover links between age and weight-related illnesses such as diabetes and kidney problems.

Experts have recommended that 65 years old be the cut-off age for bariatric surgery. However, some doctors admit that this age cut off is somewhat arbitrary. Doctors should evaluate each patient’s individual state of health to determine whether bariatric surgery carries too much risk. Medicare covers bariatric surgery, which can make the procedure affordable for those who do not have private health insurance.

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