Getting Fit after Bariatric Surgery

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Getting Fit after Bariatric Surgery

Getting Fit after Bariatric SurgeryAfter getting bariatric surgery in Jacksonville your lifestyle needs to become more active. Many people take this to mean expensive gym memberships and regular workout sessions. While these are definitely aspects of an active lifestyle, they are not mandatory. There are plenty of ways to get fit after weight loss surgery, and not all of them include your typical ideas of exercise.

Sometimes, adding more activity to your lifestyle is as easy as taking a few extra steps here, skipping the elevator ride there and opting for a trip to the ice skating rink or a round of mini golf instead of a movie date. These are components to an active lifestyle, and while small feats like these cannot completely replace exercise, they can do a lot to boost your overall activity level as you are losing weight after bariatric surgery in Jacksonville.

Getting Active after Bariatric Surgery in Jacksonville

For many people who turn to bariatric surgery, exercise has never been a regular part of life. This is something that needs to change if you hope to reach your weight loss goals. However, exercise isn’t something that you can jump into full-speed. You need to gradually immerse yourself in activity before setting out to run a mile or swim laps in the pool. That is where incidental physical activity comes in handy.

Incidental physical activity is generally mild to moderate activity that is done gradually throughout the day. This includes basic movements like walking, and while it generally doesn’t seem like much at first, it can add up to major burned calories as you are trying to lose weight.

Adding more activity to your day can improve your fitness level in the following ways:

  • Cardiovascular activity: Walking more at work can improve your ability to walk farther and faster when you are setting out to exercise. Try taking the stairs an extra flight or going for brief lunchtime walks to build your cardio endurance.
  • Flexibility: Moving more helps your muscles stay warm and loose, which can improve your flexibility. Try standing more at work as you are talking on the phone, move around your house instead of sitting on the couch and make a point to be moving more while doing basic activities.
  • Strength: The more you move the better able you will be to tone your muscles. Tasks like carrying groceries, walking the dog and cleaning the house can all help improve your strength.

Adding activity to your life doesn’t have to be complicated. Discover fun hobbies that will keep you active as you lose weight, like hiking in the trails around Jacksonville or joining a fun adult sporting team. The more active you become in your spare time the more calories you will burn daily!

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