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Focus on flexibility

A well-rounded fitness routine will include some aerobic activity, resistance training, and stretching. While you might already be doing the cardio and strength training, many people underestimate the benefits of stretching. Find out more about what regular stretching can do for you.
4 Reasons to Stretch

  1. Stretching can make you more flexible, which can make daily tasks easier. Everything from bending over, lifting, and moving quickly is easier to do when your muscles are flexible.
  2. Stretching can improve your balance. By increasing the range of motion of your joints, stretching can make you less prone to falls and keep you mobile as you age.
  3. Stretching is good for your circulation. As you stretch, you increase blood flow to your muscles and can help shorten recovery time after injuries.
  4. Stretching can help you relax. When you’re stressed, you might find that your muscles become more tense. Stretching can help relieve that muscle tension and leave you feeling more relaxed physically and mentally.

For best results, try to stretch at least three times a week. If you exercise regularly, it’s a good idea to stretch after every workout when your muscles are warmed up. Make sure to stretch all of your major muscle groups, including calves, thighs, hips, lower back, neck, and shoulders.

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