Exercise after Lap Band Surgery

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Exercise after Lap Band Surgery

For people who have struggled with weight control for many years, the idea of beginning an exercise program is often daunting. But embracing an active lifestyle after LAP-BAND or gastric bypass surgery is an important way to ensure long-term success.

Whether you are enthusiastic toward exercise or just willing to give it a try, the key to incorporating into your lifestyle is getting off to a slow start.

Here are some tips to get started with exercise after bariatric surgery:

Set realistic expectations. Weight accumulates gradually so you can expect to lose it the same way. You are looking for lifetime success not overnight success.

Start simple. A good pair of shoes and a sidewalk is all you need to get started. Walking is the easiest way to get into a routine and you can mix it up with other activities later. In the beginning, start with short strolls around the house and gradually work up to a longer more intense workout.

Set your pace. People who haven’t experienced obesity usually do not understand what you are facing when you start an exercise program.  Don’t listen to anyone but Dr. Cywes or your bariatric surgery team about what your activity goals should be.

Time and distance.  You can set your walking goal to be a certain time, a specific distance, or a combination of both. Whichever you chose, be consistent and try to do a little more this week than you did last week

Keep it fun. If you want to stick with an exercise you have to enjoy it. If walking is boring to you, your knees hurt, or your neighborhood just isn’t suitable there are always other options. Treadmills in a gym, recumbent bikes, water aerobics, yoga, dancing, and a host of other exercises are available so find one you enjoy.

Make it social. Find a buddy with similar fitness goals to your own. Everyone benefits from exercise and having a friend along makes almost everything easier to stick with.

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