Gastric Band Surgery for Obese Children

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Gastric Band Surgery for Obese Children

Obesity tends to run in families. Oftentimes, children of overweight or obese parents will find themselves suffering from the same weight problems as their parents did before them. Pediatricians are now beginning to refer teens and children to bariatric surgeons as we see obesity on the rise.

Many criticize the decision to operate on children as young as ten years of age, worried that their bodies are still developing and are in pivotal times of nutritional need, which should not be deprived or tampered with, no matter how overweight the child is becoming. But some physicians disagree, stating that at a certain level of obesity the benefits outweigh the risks and that with careful monitoring and dietary counseling, the child or teen will be healthier than if left to their own devices.

Gastric band procedures such as the lap band surgery, which can later be undone if no longer needed, are now an option for clinically obese children, but only if all other options have been exercised. This surgery allows the child the possibility to reduce their weight and reap the health benefits of reaching a healthy weight and living a healthier lifestyle. Acting swiftly greatly reduces the odds of developing chronic diseases such as hypertension and diabetes.

Gastric band surgery and subsequent weight loss can help reduce some of the terrible torment for young people that can go along with being obese. Self-esteem tends to soar post surgery, giving children the chance to walk with their heads held higher.