A Diabetes Breakthrough: Weight Loss Surgery

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A Diabetes Breakthrough: Weight Loss Surgery

New research is available that is changing the way that people think about diabetes. Diabetes has often been thought of as a disease that can be managed with a healthy diet and lifestyle, but scientists have discovered that weight loss surgeries, such as the sleeve gastrectomy in North Florida, have a large effect on the disease. It appears that there is a strong correlation between weight loss surgeries and a lessening of diabetes within the body. In some instances diabetes has completely disappeared within a few days of having the surgery.

This could possibly be an amazing breakthrough for overweight individuals suffering from diabetes. When they undergo weight loss surgery they have a good chance of lessening or defeating diabetes completely. Doctors do not like to call this a cure for diabetes because there is still a lot of information that needs to be studied, but they are definitely excited about what this could mean to individuals with diabetes who are having problems due to the disease.

In many cases patients that were studied were able to stop taking insulin to control their diabetes after undergoing weight loss surgery. Insulin is an expensive substance that needs to be taken multiple times per day for those with diabetes to stay healthy. Being able to live without insulin is a huge relief for those who have had weight loss surgery that has caused their diabetes to go into remission.

Weight loss surgery usually makes the size of the stomach smaller. This means that the blood sugar in the stomach is automatically lowered. The need for insulin to counteract the blood sugar is no longer necessary because it is not at a dangerous level within the body. Patients who have weight loss surgery often begin eating healthier and exercising more, which can also be a cause for the decrease in diabetes.

Weight loss surgery has the power to provide an individual with a renewed outlook on life. Lowered blood sugar can help you to feel better almost instantly, even before you reach your ultimate weight loss goal. After time and weight loss the risk of diabetes is even lower and patients can live happy, healthy lives.

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